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Jul 06 2013

Wow, it’s week 5!

So this week begins week 5 of Institute.  Institue is 5 weeks long.  Meaning…it is the last week!! I can’t believe how fast the past 5 weeks have flown by but am also feeling like I haven’t seen my family or friends back home in about 100 years.  This crazy experience ending is a little bittersweet. On the one hand I am so excited to get out of these dorms and away from the crazy loudness that is alway happening, but I am also realizing how terribly I am going to miss the people I have met here who are teaching in different regions or towns and of course my kids from this summer.  These kids grew on me really quickly! Even though they can be the bane of my existence at times, (no, you may not sharpen the pencil I just watched you intentionally break!), they are some of the sweetest, hard working kids I have ever met.  They have made me laugh hysterically, cry with them in frustration and want to hit my head on a wall for many reasons and I am not liking the idea that in a week I probably will never see these kids again.  Well of course until J graduates from State and I go to his graduation!

And then when I think about this wrapping up I of course start to think about the adventure that awaits back in Arkansas.  The classroom to see, (which I get to next Tuesday!!) the kids I get to meet and the great people I get to live with are all so close which is again both extremely exciting and terrifying.  Oh well, that’s not for another week, a future problem!

After this week of Institute ends and I leave Cleveland, MS we will be back in Stuttgart/Little Rock next week until I hop on a plane and come back to Michigan for a week or so!!!!!  It is so close!  From there Mom and I will drive a U-Haul back to Stuttgart to move into my awesome, very old house.  It was built in the 1800′s so I am sure that Mama F will have to sage it, which I probably won’t mind.  The house is crazy beautiful, but also very…Southern.  There is a servant staircase.  Just another example of how the South’s past and current problems are always present here.  Race is something that is not hidden here.  That is not to say that people down here are more racist than back home, it is just something that is actually talked about as opposed to typically being avoided.  That has been my experience at least.

TFA always has a bottom line for sessions and general talks.  I guess that today my bottom line is that this is a crazy, beautiful, unpredictable place with some amazing people who I am truly going to miss and need to make an effort to keep in contact with.

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